Congratulations to all the people on our newly elected board and to the
elctroal team led by Bruce for the Splendid job. We look forward ti serving
Wikimedia Kenya.

> Manuel,
> As soon as I am back from the Chapter Meeting I will set up a
> and personal e-mail adresses for all board
> members in the scheme - is this ok for
> you?... I would prefer (socond name only) and
> thank you so much for the technical help and support. We
> really appreciate Wikimedia CH's help and support and look forward to
> greater mutual relations and working together.
Alex and Steve, Please notify as soonest when you guys are back in Kenya to
allow us finish up the electoral process of deciding who will hold what
responsibility. Any thoughts and suggestions as to how we could do this
guys( the Board) ????..Please respond off-list till the board's mailing
list is up.


Limoke Oscar,
"*point me to the destiny,and I will curve my own path to it *"
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