Hi Ann, dear board,

I wonder why you don't publish that information on the Wikimedia Kenya wiki?
That's your website, it's a wiki (hence easy to update / publish) and
it's the central place where everybody looks at.

If you need a private place - both WMAT and WMCH have and need that -
you can have a seperate board wiki there which we can interconnect with
the public wiki. That way you only need one useraccount for both and
only sign in once, you can also use the uploads from the public wiki in
the private wiki as well. The access is seperated by usergroups which
you can manage on your own.

I definitely discourage to post official information on Google Docs for
various reasons.
It is a great tool to work short term on a specific content but once it
is ready it should be copied to an official place.

* not everyone has a Google account and forcing people to get one is
contrary to transparency
* it is very hard to find the content. you need to post links somewhere
at a central site anyway, so you can directly post the content there and
avoid the other problems.
* Google Docs is free, however you never know for how long nor do you
have a guarantee the contents you posted there will be there tomorrow.
* I would not want to provide Google (or any other business) private
information about my organisation, just as a principle.

Just build a structure for your content on your wiki - at WMAT for
instance we have made an "Archive" page which is used as a list (divided
by years) of subpage links where we have all information for our members
- reports, board resolutions, contracts:
* http://mitglieder.wikimedia.at/Archiv

Of course there are many other good ways to deal with that, I just
wanted to give you an idea.

If you need a board wiki please contact me.


Am 18.04.2012 22:06, schrieb Ann Njeri:
> The board was of the opinion that we should be posting the board minutes
> as well as other important discussions on a google doc which will be
> created so as to protect those who have access to the information. This
> is also because there are many who have subscribed to the mailing list
> that are passive members. Alternatively, I can use the Meta to post the
> board minutes as Abbas had suggested. Please comment on this so that we
> can know the way forward.
Manuel Schneider

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