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Translators needed to translate the May 2012 Wikimedia highlights. It is
also a nice chance to know the status and progress of the foundation plus
how the media wiki translation

In case you encounter any difficulties feel free to contact me.


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as every month, translations are wanted for the new edition of the
"Wikimedia Highlights", consisting of the most relevant information
from the Foundation's general and technical monthly reports for April,
with a short selection of other important news from the Wikimedia
movement. Please consider helping non-English-language Wikimedia
communities to stay updated on the most important WMF activities,
MediaWiki development work and other international news from the past
month, by providing a translation at

For Danish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian
(Bokmål), Dutch, Polish, Vietnamese, Finnish, Russian, Hungarian,
Macedonian, Tamil and Turkish, it is useful to compare the earlier
translations (
), as the "Data and Trends" and "Financials" sections contain a lot of
recurring vocabulary.

As usual, it is planned to announce the translations - i.e.those which
have been completed at that point - on the general
Wikimedia announcements list Wikimediaannounce-l, on Wednesday, June
20. Of course translations will still be welcome after that

We are also posting the translated versions as language- and
country-targeted updates of the official Wikipedia Facebook account,
which reaches a large audience, and recently started promoting them on
other social media channels as well (e.g.
https://twitter.com/Wikimedia/status/201975842472067072 ).

Many thanks!


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