That being Said, Saturday it is at UoN Grounds ( Near the Fountain
of Knowledge).  I guess the  agenda is all set out:

   1. WMKE Financial Status---Steve
   2. New Bank Account for WMKE and transiting of remaining funds to it
   by Treasurer.---Steve
   3. Wiki Loves Monuments Project Proposal----Oscar
   4. Membership Structure and fee---All
   5. Wikimania Per diems---All attendees
   6. AOB

Please NOTE :

   1. that this will not be the place to audit Expenditures made by
   the treasurer, the Audit Committee that so far only has one Member (Abbas)
   and the Board will do this later. However the Statements
   of Expenditures will be made available to the members. Not to discuss but
   2. The meeting deliberations will be binding to all members (present or
   absent according to our Bylaws)


Limoke Oscar,
Vice Chair-  Wikimedia Kanya
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