Dear Steve,
Please find attached a bank reconciliation form. Kindly fill the relevant 
transactions that have taken place. Below is a basic description of how/what to 
Under detailed description of relevant transaction, fill in the expense 
description (such as printing t-shirts). I have filled in the first row 
indicating the total amount of the grant that was received.
Under expense owner, please fill in the name of the person who used the funds 
being described.
Under date of receipt, indicate the date of withdrawal from the bank. This date 
can be found at the bank slip that was issued, or if you get a print out of 
your bank statement, all the transaction dates are indicated there. Also 
indicate the date when the grant was credited to your account. It is Wikimedia 
Foundation's policy to disburse grants in 2 or 3 installments. If that was the 
case, indicate when each installment was received.
Under amount, fill in the relevant amount.
SincerelyAbbas Mahmood                                    

Attachment: Bank reconciliation form.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

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