I hope you are good, I am writing this in great concern of what is
happening with the chapter and finances. We are a very young chapter and we
need not be where we are at this point. When we elected the board, we
agreed to have an audit committee that will be there to keep check on the
board's decisions in all matters including finances.

The fact that WMKE is ran by the board means we need an external organ to
ensure accountability and responsibility.

I would hereby propose that we suggest/nominate 4 members who can handle
this until we have the next meeting to either confirm the members or
conduct a process to appoint these members. I would like to leave this open
but also insist that it is really urgent as we decide on the current
situation, its solution and action to be taken by the chapter regarding the
matter. Please suggest names or volunteer and we can all come up with a
final process to create membership of this committee.

David Mugo,
Adviser to Kenya's VP on Digital Media & Technology,
CEO & Board Chairman, Wikimedia Kenya
Twitter: @raidarmax
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