(Pardon me as am not very sure whether it is good to talk about people on a
public list.)

I hope this finds you all well. Preparations to meet guys Victor would have
interviewed if his visit would have materialised had already started. And
now since his plans to visit Kenya did not go as earlier planned we have to
do some story teller interviews using his awesome Camera.

Alex had already contacted the guy who had made a plane at his home since
he had cited Wikipedia as a great resource of knowledge on citizen TV.

In my patrols around Wikipedia, I came across Victors message on a user
talk page of a very young contributor who is a resident in Kenya. He is a
minor with >3000 edits on en and he is a great contributor to Kinyarwanda
Wikipedia! Am in contact with him and he is also willing to be part of this

There is another Nation Media Journalist who interviewed me earlier this
year about Wikipedia and am in talks with him as well.

More ideas from the community are definitely welcomed about people who will
be part of the story.

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