What our chair has (repeatedly) suggested is common procedure in other
organisations registered in Kenya. So, let's go forward with his suggestion!

(Incidentally, this requires the establishment of an audit committee - or
have I missed that happening already?)





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Like I said before you guys all decided not to listen to me, this is a
responsibility of the board, Steve is a member of the board and his actions
directly reflect on the board. I am not for the idea of solving issues with
meetings where members want to fight. That is not how things run.

My suggestion is that Steve should answer to the board on all transactions,
then the board can answer the the audit committee who should take up
concerns from the members. In the event that his response is not
satisfactory or requires action, the said action can be decided either by
the rest of the board or the entire team.

I am one person who is really getting tired of the push and pull in this

PS. No one write me a personal email on this anymore, if you have anything
to say, I stand by what i have mentioned in this email, post it to the
mailing list.


On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 8:59 AM, Kosgei Isaac <kipchogekos...@gmail.com>

Hi Asaf,
I think Steve should convince the board and WMKE members about the
expenditure first before he does that to you. 
I hope that the WMKE chairperson will convene a meeting soon (If possible
within 3 weeks) so that we can have the issue sorted and the remaining
amount transferred to a joint account. 
I also hope that this meeting (when convened) will run smoothly.
Best Isaac

On 9 August 2012 00:59, Asaf Bartov <abar...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

Dear WMKE colleagues,


Following the recent conversations around finances, I wanted to make a few
comments, hoping the uncertainty can be resolved:


1. We acknowledge it is an unfortunate situation where chapter funds are in
anyone's personal bank account.  In hindsight, WMF should have insisted a
separate bank account be created to wire the money, even if not yet the
official WMKE bank account.


1b. Now that that's done, we should seek to transfer the remaining grant
funds to a dedicated account as soon as possible: either the WMKE account
(if incorporation and the subsequent creation of the bank account seem
around the corner -- any updates?), or an interim, joint-ownership dedicated
account, with access to _at least_ two board members (one of whom would be
the treasurer, of course).  It would be good if the WMKE board can decide to
pursue that course of action.


2. The current treasurer has sent me his tracking sheet of the grant funds,
and it generally looks in good order.  I hope the board has a copy too and
can review as well.


3. The treasurer did confirm he has made some decisions to spend money (for
chapter business) on his own, without board approval, citing previous
experience with sending messages to the list and receiving no response for
days.  This is _not okay_.  The way to fix this, now, is for the board to
review all those spending decisions and _retroactively_ approve them (unless
there's genuine concern about the expense).  If there are expenses the board
does not approve _per se_ (i.e. on material rather than procedural grounds),
the treasurer will have to return those funds to the chapter.


3b. The board would do well to discuss and establish a clear procedure for
authorizing expenses.  "When it's everybody's job it's nobody's job."  Once
a procedure is adopted, the board members should _commit to following_ that
procedure, as it would be unfair to the treasurer (already doing much
unenviable work for the rest of us) to leave his requests hanging.


4. I have no reason to think the current treasurer has otherwise mishandled
funds.  Unless anyone has material proof to the contrary, we shall assume
good faith, and once funds are transferred to a separate account, a full
audit by the board can confirm this to everyone's satisfaction.


5. I understood there have been some payments to chapter members for
expenses incurred, that have been issued on the understanding receipts will
be furnished, but the treasurer is still awaiting receipts from several
members.  That, too, is _not okay_.  Please submit your receipts to the
treasurer as soon as possible.  If you ever received a reimbursement from
the treasurer and you're not sure whether or not you owe any receipts,
please contact the treasurer privately to make sure.


6. I also understand there is some confusion about per diem allowances and
receipts:  the usual way per diems work is that the rate is determined by
the board (You can use the WMF travel policy[1] if it helps), and then money
is disbursed according to the number of days (deducting appropriate amounts
when meals are provided, as in the case of lunches in Berlin and at
Wikimania), but _no receipts_ are required.  This as distinct from other
expenses, which do require receipts.  The rationale for this flexibility is
that on the one hand there are all kinds of small unforeseen expenses,
including (in some places) expenses that don't issue receipts (like the
matatu :)), that are not specifically budgeted for in the per diem, and on
the other hand the allowance is enough to cover them, without requiring
minute record-keeping.  This is easier for both sides, and is based on trust
and good judgment.  But that's just the usual way, and it's fine if WMKE
chooses to commit to providing receipts for per diems as well.


I hope this helps WMKE move forward toward incorporation and program
activity with clarity and confidence.


As always, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.






[1] http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Travel_policy -- specifically,


    Asaf Bartov
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