The Kakamega Pilot

The Kakamega Pilot was carried out from 28th-4th March 2011.It was a huge
success and a lot was learnt and gained from the pilot.
 The People

The following were the participants in the Pilot.

   1. Limoke Oscar <>
   2. Alexander Wafula <>
   3. Sarah Osano
   4. Stephen Wanjau
   5. Lilian Nyamboga
   6. Branton Obwari

The Schools

The following were the schools visited and the experiences learnt from them.
St.Peter's Mumias Boys High School

It has around 20 usable computers.The Office was not that much receptive
although they okayed the same.I think they did not really understand what
it was all about.The Deputy Head teacher whom I had contacted during the
pre-visit had been transfered.Nevertheless we were allowed to install in
there student computers.Interestingly,one etcher who was working in the
computer lab noticed what we were doing and on being explained to,was
really excite and instantly he searched and found very rare Art notes he
was teaching his students!Excited,he printed the same and went out to fetch
other teachers to explain to them the same.It was explained to a few
teachers who liked the idea so much.Although we did not have audience with
the students,we were glad that a few teachers learnt and liked the project.
 Muslim Boys Secondary School

Very receptive School.Problem was they had very old computers.Most of which
did not have USB ports or DVD Roms(We will post pics soon).We installed in
a few student computers and to the office and staff computers.We also made
a presentation to the a huge number of students.The lab technician
requested some utility software which unfortunately we did not have after a
power blackout caused there central examination repository computer to
crash. Unfortunately it was while we we had just started installing Kiwix!!
We also encountered a problem with the Director of Studies computer which
apparently crashed after we had used a flash disc from the student
computers to install in his computer.Alex-our IT guy later explained why it
may have crashed still after we had formated the flash disc.That the
viruses may still have been transfered in our computers and the student
computers thus still after formating,they still got transmitted to the
flash from our computers. Alex was however quick to correct a repeat of the
same by finding a way to make our flash discs "Read Only".Together with
Stephen,they successful made our flash discs "Read Only" and thus more
 Mukumu Girls High School

Very receptive.First School to have audience with the Principal in Her
office.She really liked the idea and so did all the teachers.We installed
in all the Student computer labs and office computers of the school.We had
a presentation with to the Students and teachers.the students really found
the Wikipedia very resourceful especially those who were preparing for
the Science
Congress for Kenyan
 Sigalagala Technical Institute

The first and only college we visited.Very receptive.Had audience with the
Principal and the Management Information System Officer.They really liked
it and asked us to come back for a presentation to the students later!A
technical challenge due to the logistics and budget constraint.
 Vihiga High School

Very receptive.Had a brief presentation to the teachers who really liked
the idea.Installed in all the student computer labs and all the office and
personal computers of the teachers.Had a presentation to the students.
 Mbale Shalom Academy

First and only private school we visited.Very receptive.had audience with
the management of the School. Installed in all the student computers.Very
good computers.Had a presentation to students and teachers
 Kakamega High School

very receptive school.has very good Computers.Installed in most of the
student computers and office and personal computers of the staff.Had a
presentation to the students and teachers.
 St.Agnes Shibuye Girls

I was skeptical about this school.The head teacher had earlier on been
quite 'afraid' with regards to the MoE's letter.but the Director of
e-leaning was very supportive.he made sure it was a success.despite having
a power blackout,they switched to a generator.We installed in a few
computers as not all the computers were served by the generator.We also had
a presentation to the students and teachers who were so excited by it.
 On the sides

The Kakamega had lots of fun too.after a hard days work,we visited all the
tourist spots around.We visited Mumias Sugar
Bench" in Muliro
,The Crying 
the Kakamega 
food and entertainment was in plenty.Pics will be uploaded soon.... Alex
was able to re-design our completion certificate that Abbas had sent on our
way to the first school. Awesome work Alex
Thanks for the awesome work guys,lets keep the fire burning.Limoke
oscar<> 10:05,
7 March 2011 (CET)

Limoke Oscar,
Dream.Believe.Become....a world of endless oportunities
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