Hi Asaf,
Yep, I'm seriously considering taking this up with the Archives, although I'm 
not yet 100% sure (I've still got to sort out lots of personal stuff).
Anyway, I fully agree with you that in a optimal case, it is the cultural 
institution that is supposed to cater for the associated costs of a Residency. 
However, in this case, not only is the Kenya National Archives under-resourced, 
but most importantly, it is a long, tedious and bureaucratic process of getting 
funds for a foreign, non-priority project from a government institution. I said 
foreign, because, AFAIK, there has been no other Sub-Saharan Archive that has 
partnered with Wikimedia (and has tangible results that we could use as a case 
study), so the lack of precedence presents higher risks (from the Kenyan 
Archives point of view).  I also say foreign, because to the Kenyan Archives, 
Wikimedia is a foreign institution. And the Kenya National Archives has a long 
history of US-based institutes that've come to them with the intention of 
plagiarizing their content. (The Archives Director even showed me one of the 
lawsuits that the Archives has against a US institute), so therefore, the 
Archives is understandably skeptical of any such partnerships. I said 
non-priority, since rather than put Kenyan content on Wikimedia projects, the 
Archives would rather spend their little resources on, say, improving their own 
website, or buying better assets (computers, storage devices) or opening up 
another facility in Western Kenya. Therefore, with all these challenges they 
are facing, there is absolutely no way that the Kenya National Archives (or 
quite appropriately, the Ministry of National Heritage) will fund this project. 
I think that WikiAfrica could probably second what I'm saying: as far as I 
know, all their GLAM projects so far (in Cameroon and in South Africa) have 
been funded by either the Orange Foundation, or the Lettera27  Foundation.
Oscar, absolutely, I'm not expecting this to be a one-man job.

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Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] WiR at the Kenya National Archives

I'm glad to hear about the interest from the national archives, and 
congratulate Abbas on his efforts bearing fruit.  Do I understand correctly 
that Abbas intends to fill that role himself?

A word of advice: please make sure you don't commit prematurely to something 
you might not be able to keep.  E.g. if the plan relies on WMF funding, it is 
certainly too early to sign anything, before the plan was reviewed by the GAC 
and WMF and a grant was approved.  I should point out in advance that we 
generally consider WiR's salaries to be the responsibility of the host 
institution, as we think the bigger benefit accrues to it.  Nevertheless, 
context matters, of course, and this is not a "no", to be sure.


On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 11:18 PM, Limoke Oscar <oslim...@gmail.com> wrote:

Some good news there to seal the otherwise dark year for WMKE . Wish you all 
the best Abbas and hope we can mutually find areas to collaborate (as WMKE)

Best and happy New year to all

On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Abbas Mahmood <abbas...@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,
After several months of negotiation, I am almost sealing a GLAM deal with the 
Kenya National Archives. I'm getting the necessary paperwork done, and 
hopefully, by January 2013, I'll have gotten the final go-ahead. So, I'm 
guesstimating that this project may start on Feb 2013. 

The Archives has made it very clear (from the start) that it doesn't have the 
resources to undertake this project, so I hope that I'll manage to secure a 
grant from the WMF to fund the Wikipedian in Residence's compensation and all 
other associated costs. I've started making a draft application here: 
 I'm also planning on contacting WikiAfrica to 1) learn more from their GLAM 
projects that they've been undertaking, 2) inquire about how much it usually 
costs them, and 3) the challenges that they usually face.

This is NOT a public service announcement: this is just a courtesy FYI, so 
please do NOT distribute this news until everything is official.
Thanks, and happy holidays :-)



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