hi,I agree with Oscar, we were our own let down. Being a User Group should not 
in any way dwindle our commitment. You can count me in as part of the User 
Group [Wikimedians in Kenya?] :)

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Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 11:38:04 +0300
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Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] From chapter to user group

Hi All,
I know all of us have been absorbing and digesting this news over the past 
couple of weeks. I think its time we now discussed and forged a way forward. 
True we were our own let down in many ways. We failed in many ways to steer 
ourselves to full registration 12 months after being granted charter. We failed 
to get legal registration locally and we failed to manage the 1st Start up 
grant for our Chapter. We failed to resolve issues surrounding the embezzlement 
and we refused to take responsibility  I think Sue and Asaf are justified to 
deny us further recognition.

So I guess its a User group we are. As such, we need to start to chat a way 
forward along this line. Could we start taking a new call for this user group?  
Remember, Officially Wikimedia Kenya Chapter is no more

If you would want to join and be apart of this user group, please let us start 
a conversation  Only if you are interested.
Look forward to this new course.


On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:37 AM, Asaf Bartov <abar...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

Dear colleagues in Kenya,
I would like to let you know that (after consultation with the Affiliations 
Committee) the Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director, Sue Gardner, is not 
extending the Board of Trustees' provisional recognition of your group as 
Wikimedia Kenya.  We recommend you pursue recognition as Wikimedia User Group 

The recognition was conditional upon incorporation within a year, and that has 
not happened.  In addition, the provisional board disintegrated (with some 
people leaving the chapter entirely) and no replacement announced, almost no 
activity took place this past year, casting doubt on the group's sustainability 
as a chapter, and certain personal issues added much confusion and 
demoralization, which no doubt contributed to the inactivity.

In parallel, the Wikimedia movement has created new models of affiliation, not 
available at the time your group was seeking recognition, that we are confident 
would better serve your group at this stage, and would be more appropriate, 
than the traditional incorporated chapter model.  

Specifically, we encourage you to seek Wikimedia User Group recognition (via 
AffCom -- e-mail aff...@lists.wikimedia.org) right now, which will give you 
almost all the benefits of chapter recognition, with almost none of the 
bureaucracy: trademark permission will be available to you, and as you know, 
grants are always available, even to unincorporated groups (and we will take 
steps to improve group oversight and governance to minimize risk).  Everything 
I know about this group and about AffCom suggests this should be a smooth 

Note that this does mean that the name "Wikimedia Kenya" should no longer be 
used by you or others to refer to your group, and specifically, that you are 
not to incorporate under that name.  (It is best if incorporation under any 
name is postponed until there's a better idea of the group's interest, 
capacity, and plans.  Creating a formal entity prematurely could saddle you 
with inconvenient responsibilities without any of the benefits.)

"Wikimedians in Kenya", "Friends of Wikipedia in Kenya", and any number of 
other names you may feel comfortable with, are good possibilities for the name 
of your group, and can be recognized by the WMF if you do choose to pursue User 
Group recognition.

We'd like to stress this is neither a punishment nor a demotion of your group; 
it is actually an adjustment of what we call the group to match reality and to 
adhere to the original terms of the provisional recognition.  We recognize your 
dedicated and valuable contributions in the past, and look forward to renewed 
energy and accomplishments on this new path, as a user group, and will be happy 
to support you in this in every way we can.

On behalf of Sue Gardner and the Wikimedia Foundation,
   Asaf Bartov-- 
    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation

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