Hi Kenyan Wikipedians,

Currently there are no free images of Wikipedia Zero and I'd like to change

I'd like to introduce you to Omar Nabulsi, a photographer currently
employed at Sony who is volunteering his services to document Wikipedia
Zero in South Africa and Kenya.

In a week, he will be documenting Kul Wadhwa as he makes deals with mobile
carriers in both countries and while he isn't doing that his goal is to
document Wikipedia Zero on mobile phones, and the distribution of mobile
devices in Africa.

His original plan was to find a good taxi driver who would be able to show
him around town and I was like - wait let me send an email to a few people

So if anyone here has the bandwidth to help Omar in his task, he is cc'd.

Thanks for reading & if you want to ask me about anything please feel free,
I want to respect everyone's time.



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