Herby wrote on Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 7:06:28 AM:

H> The use of the blacklist by non foundation wikis

H> This is probably best looked at/described here -

It's unrealistic to think that Wikimedia would block all of those free
hosts.. individual sites on the free hosts are spammed quite a bit, but
there are many 'quasi-legit' links to those sites as well (quasi in that
they probably fail [[WP:RS]], but were submitted in good faith).

I have occasionally submitted domains that popped up on wikiHow, where I'm
an admin, but only because they were URL shortening services which WMF
blocks because of *what they are* rather than how they were used.

H> The use of local blacklists & particularly en wp.

Apparently there is a lack of consensus as to how the local spam blacklist
on en.wp should be used, in particular.. what are the criteria for
addition to the list.  This lack of consensus seems to be due to lack of
discussion rather than disagreement.

Given that en.wp's IRC based anti-spam mechanisms have been down more than up
lately (eg: AntiSpamBot/Shadowbot) - it would be very useful to have the
local blacklist on en.wp actively being used.


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