Hello, SlimVirgin, I fully support your research
project.  This could hopefully help a lot of people.
: )

I'd like to invite anyone e-mailing SlimVirgin to
CC me as well, if they feel comfortable doing so.
I am doing a research project of my own.
Although mine focuses on banned users who
may feel attacked by Wikipaedia, I am happy
to hear from you whether you are an admin
or a regular editor, an arbitrator or a banned
user, no matter which website you feel hurt
by.  I will also keep replies confidential
except to the extent that you grant permission



Original message by SlimVirgin:

I'm writing a paper on cyberstalking and harassment, which I hope to
hand to the Foundation with a view to educating people about the
extent of the problem on the Wikimedia projects, and if possible
improving their responses to it.

I'd like to include some concrete examples of cyberstalking or offline
stalking that have happened to users as a result of their
participation in any of the Wikimedia projects, and particularly where
the target was picked on because they were an administrator.

If you've been a target of this yourself, or if you know of anyone who
has, I'd appreciate hearing from you at slimvirgin at gmail dot com.
All replies will be received in strictest confidence. Your name would
not have to be included in the final document, and if you're worried
about being exposed in any way, I can change all identifying details.
Nothing will be included about you without your express permission.

What I'm most interested in hearing about is how the cyberstalking or
harassment made you feel, and what happened when you tried to find
support. I'd like to hear about your fears; whether it made you
anxious; whether it affected your sleep or appetite, or your health in
any other way; and whether you considered ending your association with
the project you were involved in (or did end it). Even if your fears
felt completely irrational, I'd like to hear about them.

I'd also like to hear from women who feel they were subjected to
additional harassment because of their sex, or from gays and members
of ethnic minorities who feel they were picked on in whole or in part
because of that.

Many thanks,


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