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On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 8:06 AM, Florence Devouard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Given that I was the one who originally suggested that it would be a
> good idea to open wmf editing thanks to flaggued revisions, I am not
> going to say it is a bad idea.
> However, considering wmf site as the official hosting of information
> regarding all of our organization would be a huge mistake.
> WMF needs to control its editorial content as it is a corporate website.

I concur ; wikimediafoundation.org is the website of the Foundation,
and that's all.

> Could this be hosted on meta ?
> Yes, certainly. At least for a while.
> But again, the role of that new site would be different from the role of
> meta and this might enter in conflict, in particular with regards to the
> main page.

In my opinion, meta-wiki already is the wiki of the wikimedia movement
/ community / <insert your preferred word here> ; it's the wiki where
people from various Wikimedia communities, chapters, and foundation
all gather.

Wikimedia projets tend to have two main pages : one main page for
content (e.g. [[Main Page]]) and one main page for the community (e.g.
[[Project:Community portal]]). We could use this system on meta to
have two landing pages, one for PR and one for internal stuff (just
like on other Wikimedia projects).

I agree that meta tends to be a mess and it should be cleaned up. It's
not a new idea (see
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meta:MetaProject_to_Overhaul_Meta ) but
the project was abandoned. Some months ago I was thinking about
creating a new namespace (say Historical:) to archive all the old
stuff and clean up the wiki a bit.

In a word, we shouldn't open a brand new community wiki just because
we're too lazy to clean up the one we've already got for years.

Guillaume Paumier
"Scribitur ad narrandum, non ad probandum." Quintilian

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