On Mon, 09 Jun 2008 22:14:55 -0700, "Michael Snow"
> Guillaume Paumier wrote:
> >> Could this be hosted on meta ?
> >>
> >> Yes, certainly. At least for a while.
> >> But again, the role of that new site would be different from the role of
> >> meta and this might enter in conflict, in particular with regards to the
> >> main page.
> >>     
> >
> > In my opinion, meta-wiki already is the wiki of the wikimedia movement
> > / community / <insert your preferred word here> ; it's the wiki where
> > people from various Wikimedia communities, chapters, and foundation
> > all gather.
> >
> > Wikimedia projets tend to have two main pages : one main page for
> > content (e.g. [[Main Page]]) and one main page for the community (e.g.
> > [[Project:Community portal]]). We could use this system on meta to
> > have two landing pages, one for PR and one for internal stuff (just
> > like on other Wikimedia projects).
> >   
> This sounds much more like potential progress than shifting things to a 
> new wiki. I can see Florence's point about the challenges with Meta's 
> main page making it not just a working environment, but a very 
> strange-looking one. I think a more public-facing main page and separate 
> working portal would be beneficial. I note that while I frequently visit 
> Meta (much more than I edit there), I almost never go there through what 
> is now the main page. I usually arrive through links to other pages, and 
> then navigate to anything else I need to look at. I would almost say 
> that its main page, by not knowing which of these purposes it serves, is 
> presently failing at both.
> --Michael Snow

I have now posted on Meta Babel here
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meta:Babel#Meta_namespaces about this.  I
hope people will contribute to "improving" Meta.

If anyone would forward this to Foundation-l that would be great. 


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