I made a page at Meta [1] and its initial content is below the
message. For the introduction into the issue, see [2].

Here are a couple of points about this approach:
- The project has no explicit power, its task is to gather, categorize
and analyze problems, as well as to suggest possible solutions.
- All previous attempts to make a group which would deal with such
issues were not passed. I think that this group has potential to exist
exactly because it doesn't have any power, while it has a lot of tasks
to do.
- I understand that we need to have a number of persons highly
motivated to work on that: there are no prises, there is not explicit

Inputs from all Wikimedians at all phases of work are welcome.

And, at the end, please move discussion to wikimediameta list because
this list was introduced to cover community issues. For those who
don't know where to sign, go at the page [3].

[1] - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Problems
[2] - http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2008-October/046768.html
[3] - https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimediameta-l

* * *

This page is about "the rest" of the problems related to [[Wikimedia
community]], [[Wikimedia projects]], [[WMF]] and [[Chapters]]. When an
issue comes to this place, it should mean that there is no other place
at all over [[Wikimedia]] where it may be solved. This place is built
to ''try'' to solve such problems, while it doesn't have power ''per
se'' to implement it. The main product of this place is a suggestion
what should be done at various levels toward the problem solution.

'''The project is still in development and you shouldn't use it for
particular problems! However, all Wikimedians are welcome to
participate in the project creation process.'''

== How to use this project ==

* If you think, let's say, that some project should be closed, the
right place for such proposal is the page [[Proposals for closing
projects]]. The process there is well established and there is no need
for talking about that at some other place. If you want to change the
process because you think that something with that process is not
going well, the right place for discussing this issue is [[Wikimedia
Forum]]. And just if you tried both steps and you still think that
something is wrong there, you should come here and explain the
* If you have some other problem in which wider community should be
introduced, the right place for asking the community is the page
[[Requests for comments]]. However, if the problem was not solved
there, you should come here and explain it.
* This project is about '''all''' aspects of Wikimedia community,
Wikimedia projects, Wikimedia Foundation and Chapters issues. This
means that you may present here any kind of Wikimedia-related problem;
not just problems related to the projects. Of course, you should be
sure that you tried to solve your problem at other possible ways. If
you are unsure, you may ask here for advice.
* ...

== Meta tasks ==

''This is the list of the tasks which should be done to make and keep
the project functional.''

=== Initial tasks ===

* List as many as possible existing not solved, usually systematic
problems, make the initial analysis and categorize them. The main page
for the list is [[/List of problems]]
* Make supporting pages for adding problems.
* Announce that this project is functional.

=== Permanent tasks ===

* Handle problems, analyze them, categorize them, try to solve them.
* Talk with Wikimedian communities around projects, WMF and chapters
about issues relevant to them and educated interested Wikimedians how
to increase their participation.
* Write documentation.
* Help in creation of the new Wikimedia institutions.
* Analyze periodically developments of Wikimedian community, suggest
global actions and report it to the community.

== Publicity of work ==

This project is public. As it handles public or very general problems,
there is no need for private communication channels, except personal
communication. Wikimedians interested in helping others may talk
personally with those who need help with the goal to find the right
wording for expressing sensitive data here. Solutions at this place
are general, while sensitive data should be handled by particular WMF
and community bodies.

The working list for this project is

== Members ==

Anyone is able to participate in the process on this project. However,
as the project has to make some conclusions and suggestions to the
wider community, membership should be defined.

Up to the end of November 2008 membership to the project is open to
all Wikimedians which have account on Meta at least for the last 6
months with the existing user page prior to the moment of publishing
this document. After the end of November 2008, new members may be
accepted according to the group rules. Default majority needed for
group decision is 80%. If the group doesn't have consensus about
conclusions or there are significant different views, all of them
should be included into the final document. Without prior information
that member wouldn't be able to participate for some specific time,
after inactivity for more than three months member will be removed
from the list; after which they should pass the same process for
becoming a member.

=== List of members ===

* [[User:Millosh|Millosh]]


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