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From: Andrew Garrett <and...@werdn.us>
Date: Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 7:21 PM
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Wider trials of Abuse Filter
To: Wikimedia developers <wikitec...@lists.wikimedia.org>

Hi all,

After a few weeks on test.wikipedia.org, the Abuse Filter is rolling
out for wider testing. For the moment, it's active on MediaWiki.org,
but we're interested in deploying it to other small projects
interested in targetting pattern vandalism.

The Abuse Filter extension allows very specific rules to be defined
about the sorts of edits that may be made. It can take actions in
response to edits ranging from simple tagging of an edit with a
special mark indicating it needs extra attention, all the way up to
emergency desysopping. Projects can ask for any subset, or all of
these actions to be enabled on their wiki, and for advanced
permissions to be required to use the higher-level ones.

The extension includes considerable useful tools for testing and
debugging filters, and for evaluating their performance. A study last
year indicated that a particular filter, if applied in August 2007,
would have blocked 60% of all page-move vandalism on English Wikipedia
over the subsequent year, with just five false positives (0.6%).

Primarily we're looking at the performance impact of the extension, so
English Wikipedia (which the extension was written for) can't quite
have it yet (as we're not sure that it will perform adequately under
such high load). If other medium or small projects such as Meta,
Commons, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikisource and similar are interested
in deploying this extension, they're free to develop a rough consensus
and request deployment on Bugzilla.

If, after a few weeks, we find that the extension seems to work fine,
we can hopefully deploy it on English Wikipedia (hooray!).


Andrew Garrett

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