A few years ago, I had asked that IRC have a searchable archive of  
discussions.  I was told that there were daily logs and I could get one if  I 
asked.  I asked, and was denied.  Until IRC commits itself to  openness, it 
should have little to no impact on any facet of our project.   Without 
archives, IRC is not open in the modern sense, regardless of  who or how 
you can join it, or view it.  The archives of this mailing list  are 
Will Johnson
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The IRC Group Contacts decided last year to hold  a surgery every three
months where general IRC matters could be brought up  for discussion in
an environment in which IRC people able to put those into  action
(which includes all the contacts themselves) were present  and
involved. Regrettably it took just over a year for the second  meeting
to be organised, but this pattern will not be  repeated!

Therefore we invite you to  visit
and  sign up for the meeting if you are someone interested in how IRC
runs and  especially if you are responsible for one or more channels.
That page will  shortly contain procedural information on how we intend
to structure the  meeting to get the most out of it. For convenience, I
shall note that the  meeting is at 1900Z on 3rd August 2009 in
#wikimedia-irc-meetings on  freenode.


Sean Whitton (seanw on IRC)
For the IRC  Group Contacts

I have posted this message to the main public mailing  lists to which I
subscribe and would appreciate circulation of the  meeting's existence
to as many other languages/projects as possible as this  is open to all
- but please note that the meeting will be held in  English.

Sean Whitton / <s...@silentflame.com>
OpenPGP  KeyID:  0x25F4EAB7

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