Are there no channels with public logs?  For a while some had them and
some did not.


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>> A few years ago, I had asked that IRC have a searchable archive of
>> discussions.  I was told that there were daily logs and I could get one
>> if I asked.  I asked, and was denied.  Until IRC commits itself to
>> openness, it should have little to no impact on any facet of our
>> project.  Without searchable archives, IRC is not open in the modern
>> sense, regardless of who or how you can join it, or view it.  The
>> archives of this mailing list are searchable.
>> Will Johnson
> Perhaps you should get involved. Come to the meeting, and maybe we can
> discuss this issue.
> There are arguments for and against publicly logging channels, and I'd
> love to hear your input on this issue. We have considered the question
> in the past, but to my knowledge there was no agreement on any change.
> If you want that to change, you'll have to convince people.
> For what it's worth, I think publicly logging in public channels is a
> good idea. You're not alone in your views, so let's see if we can hammer
> something out.
> Thanks,
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