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> WikimediaNotifier already exists. Local wikis can transclude the
> notification page into whatever makes the most sense. A better use of
> manpower would be to do so for wikis which don't already, or work with
> the botop to put notifications on the relevant project page rather than
> on the notification page.

Ahh, kudos to Melancholie.  It seems announcements got quiet around April.

You're right that we could best put work into wikis that don't already
have a place for the notifier's user-subpage  (I'm guessing that
includes many large wikis as well.), fixing the language redundancy
(which has been discussed in the context of WikimediaNotifier twice
but not yet done), and perhaps just making it easier to run the bot.

How would these new requests get approved?

The main difference I see between having announcements on a user
subpage and figuring out how to post them to the VP on each wiki
(which is scriptable, but takes a bit of work for each of those 500
wikis and then some maintenance), is that if it is a transcluded page
as it is presently,  it's not clear how persistent local discussion is
meant to happen.  (What happens when an announcement drops off the end
of the notification page?)

Anders put it well here:


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