I've started a discussion at
about organizing Meta's discussion spaces better.

A copy of the proposal is pasted below to get more eyeballs on (and
voices in) the discussion, but in order to keep the discussion
centralized, please add your comments on the wiki rather than on the

Depending on how this goes, I may even try to revive the MetaProject
to Overhaul Meta once again :)


Hi. I've been working on organizing / cleaning up a few areas here on
meta, and I'd like to address the topic of discussion spaces.

There are currently several main discussion spaces split by topic:

    Meta:Babel (this page): a place to discuss general stuff related
to meta-wiki
    Wikimedia Forum: a place to discuss general Wikimedia stuff
    Meta talk:Babylon: a place to discuss translation stuff
    Help Forum: a place to get general help
    Tech: a place to get technical help

Despite editing meta-wiki for years, I still find this quite
confusing, in no small part due to the various names: I usually mix
"Babel" and "Babylon", and I never remember if meta-specific issues
should go to "Babel" or to the "Forum".

I'd like to start a discussion to see if we can find consensus to
organize those pages better.

One solution would be to use a system similar to what exists on a few
Wikimedia wikis, with subpages for specific areas. For example, this
could look like:

    Forum (Wikimedia Forum)
        Forum/Meta (Meta:Babel)
        Forum/Translation (Meta talk:Babylon)
        Forum/Help (Help Forum)
        Forum/Tech (Tech)

I've chosen "Forum" as the parent page because it's a Latin word and
therefore more language-neutral than idioms like "Village Pump", but
obviously this is up for discussion. We can also discuss whether it
should be in the Meta: namespace. We can also discuss completely
different solutions, but I do want us to try and come up with a system
that is more sane than the current situation.


Guillaume Paumier

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