The Australian Paralympic Committee has provided ~650 images to
Wikimedia Australia that need to be uploaded to Commons.

They are broken into four sets and they are now hosted on our server.

663,512 Mb - New Atlanta scans 1 of 3 - 207 photographs
480,108 Mb - New Atlanta scans 2 of 3 - 156 photographs
470,000 Mb - New Atlanta scans 3 of 3 - 142 photographs
531,828 Mb - New Barcelona scans - 140 photographs

If anyone is able to download zip files that big, and reupload the
images to Commons, let me know and I'll give you the URL of one set to

These uploads count under the Kickstart grant, ...

but be warned that the photos are often unidentified people, so it may
be hard to categorise without doing a lot of research ;-)

In which case you may be interested in joining the hopau mailing list
and the Wikipedians to the Games program.!forum/hopau

John Vandenberg

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