Just today my pull request was merged in which allows wider set of OAuth
libraries to authenticate against Wikipedia/Wikidata. This means it is
possible to easier develop nice interfaces around Wikidata. For example,
interfaces which allow better managing of bibliographic data.

One such project is bib2wikidata:


The idea is simple: you copy-paste on the left side bibliographic entries
in in preferably any format, we detect the format, parse it, display on the
right side the parsed structure. You can then verify and if you want to
change something, you edit the left side in your native format you pasted
in. Once you are satisfied with the right side, you press import and it
goes to Wikidata.

This is the idea. It is not yet developed. (I got stuck because of the
OAuth limitations.)

Also we had a hackathon a month ago in SF on creating schema then for
Wikidata. You can see report here:


So this is then how we would map bibliographic data to Wikidata entries.

If anyone is interested in helping here, that would be great. For example,
we need now some JavaScript code which would take text as input and display
it mapped into those fields we will send to Wikidata. We can start with one
input format, but it would be good to support multiple in the future.


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