Wikimedia Foundation utlyser nå en ny stilling, Chief Program Officer (nei,
det har ingenting med programmering å gjøre). Les mer om stillinga her:


The Wikimedia Foundation is hiring a Chief Program Officer. This is a unique
leadership position at a highly creative volunteer-driven organization. This
job will be posted for several months, to allow a rich and diverse candidate
pool to develop. Please feel free to share this posting widely .

The successful candidate for this role could come from a variety of
different backgrounds, such as educational non-profit work, the free culture
movement, digital media, product development, etc. Please read below for the
detailed job description and instructions for applying.


Chief Program Officer


The purpose of this role is to provide leadership to the Wikimedia
Foundation program staff, and to support and facilitate the work of the
international Wikimedia volunteer community, in collecting, developing and
making available free educational resources for people all around the world.


Executive Director


You will have responsibility for all mission-furthering program work of the
Wikimedia Foundation. This is a broad scope, covering all areas of
organizational activity except finance and administration, and technology.

The Wikimedia Foundation aims to increase the overall reach of its projects,
to broaden participation, and to increase quality. As Chief Program Officer,
you will be the person primarily responsible for moving these goals forward.
You will also be responsible for media relations and other communications
activities, both externally and internally.

The Wikimedia Foundation is an unusual organization, with an extremely small
staff supporting and facilitating the work of a global community of tens of
thousands of active volunteers. This role requires a high degree of
flexibility and creativity, and a collaborative and inventive orientation.
The successful candidate will be mission-driven and passionate about the
idea of creating free, multilingual educational material for people
everywhere in the world. A desire for real-world impact is critical to


   * Develop and implement a strategic plan for the program area, with the
goals of increasing reach, broadening participation and increasing quality
in Wikipedia and its sister projects;
   * Lead the program team, including goals development, coaching,
performance assessment, and the identification and filling of skills and
capacity gaps;
   * Develop and implement scalable mechanisms for encouraging, facilitating
and rewarding the work of the Wikimedia volunteers. This will include the
development and administration of an experimental small-grant-making
   * Identify and recruit key institutional partners who can help us reach
our goals;
   * Work closely with the fundraising team to develop project concepts;
   * Oversee the execution of projects including those funded by grants,
working closely as required with the program staff, volunteers, technical
team and others;
   * Participate in the Wikimedia Foundation's strategic planning processes,
including program budget development and management.


   * A history of leadership experience in increasingly responsible
positions, ideally including management of teams of 10+ people;
   * Experience developing and implementing strategies and plans, and
ideally also overseeing large initiatives;
   * Experience hiring and developing staff, coaching, evaluating
performance, setting goals and measuring success;
   * Experience in the non-profit sector, ideally including experience
developing grant proposals;
   * Basic technical understanding is a requirement, ideally including
experience with online production principles and practices;
   * Exceptional verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal
skills are a must;
   * Experience working with or as part of large volunteer communities is a
major plus;
   * Understanding of the open source and free culture communities is a
major plus;
   * Experience with any of the following is a plus: user testing, audience
research, events management, marketing, product development;
   * International work experience is a major plus, as is the ability to
speak languages in addition to English;
   * Must be able to work well with people with a very wide diversity of
demographic and cultural characteristics;
   * Must be capable of achieving results while maintaining an inclusive,
collaborative leadership style.


This position will be filled in January 2009. To apply, please send us your
CV, along with a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the
position, and qualified for it. Applications must be submitted to <jobs at
wikimedia dot org> before December 31, 2008, and must include "Chief Program
Officer" in the e-mail subject line.

Please be aware that due to the large number of job applications we receive,
only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. We will probably
not reply to any candidates prior to December, so please do not interpret
our silence as a lack of interest.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia containing more than 11 million articles in
over 250 languages. Consistently ranked among the top 10 most popular
websites worldwide, Wikipedia is evidence that mass collaboration for
educational purposes works: that people will, of their own accord and
without compensation, work productively together to create high-quality
educational materials to be distributed, for free, to others around the
world. As of August 2008, the largest Wikipedia language editions are
English (2.5 million articles), German (795,000 articles), French (700,000
articles), Polish (530,000 articles), and Japanese (515,000 articles).
Across all languages combined, more than 10 billion Wikipedia pages are
viewed every month. Each Wikipedia is a unique creation, developed by
volunteers working in that language, based on what they think would be
useful and interesting for readers.


The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with headquarters
in San Francisco, California. It is fully audited and has 501(c)(3) tax
exempt status in the United States. The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation
is to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop
educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to
disseminate it effectively and globally. The Wikimedia Foundation operates
some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world,
including Wikipedia, one of the 10 most-visited websites in the world.

Jon Harald Søby
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