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> 2008/12/2 River Tarnell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
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>> Thomas Dalton:
>>> Well, a few people seem to have added themselves, although everyone is
>>> anonymous, one person is from an unknown location (not very helpful!)
>> After clicking "add yourself", the map recentres itself to Wichita, Kansas.
>> This might be confusing people a little ;-)
> Yes, apparently "Unknown Location" is a place in Kansas... Not a great
> deal I can do about that, as far as I know...

Well, either it is the seat of the company or then, if the
manufacturer is European, it's the most remote place in the world they
could possibly think of (I hope we don't have people from Kansas on
this list...). On the other hand, it's apparently also the (geodetic)
centre of the US as well as equidistant from the Atlantic and Pacific.

But anyway...


Michael Bimmler

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