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>On Dec 1, 7:05 pm, Gordon Joly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  But really there are two: directors and members, surely?
>I suppose you could think about it like this, yes, but this could
>confuse people.
>Legally speaking the members are the owners of the organisation, who
>meet annually and elect the trustee/directors who manage the company
>from day to day.
>You sometimes have organisations which have different classes of
>membership - say one restricted class with a hundred votes per member
>and another general one with one vote per member. That way the holders
>of the restricted class stay in control of the organisation. I
>understand Google has that kind of corporate structure. One charity I
>acted for a while ago had a list of supporters but kept the actual
>legal members to only the directors.
>You can choose the model that best represents what you want to
>acheive. At the moment Wiki UK has just two levels - the Trustee/
>Directors and Members.

I assert that that model is wrong. Maybe not for inception, but 
certainly for the future.


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