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Hopefully it will be done by the AGM, although that's a little
Hmm, that depends when you expect the AGM to be. We cant hold the AGM
until at least 21 days after the bank account is opened and they
haven't even asked us for proof of ID yet. With holidays, that could
easily drag on into the new year. We'll do it as quickly as possible
of course, but I personally wouldn't be surprised if the AGM was
around mid February.

I was hoping late January. If nothing goes wrong with the bank
account, it's perfectly believable that it could be open by the end of
the year, making late January an option for the AGM.

As I said when this issue came up in one of the board meeting, we can't just call the AGM the day after we get a bank account. There need to be time for people to join after the bank account, and before the notice, so that they can be a member and decide/time to run for the board, which need members to be nominated in writing.


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