The Co-op are saying they can't open the bank account until we're approved
as an official chapter of WMF. I tried to convince them that we're an
independent organisation and that if the worst came to the worst and we
weren't approved we'd still continue on with out charitable work, but they
didn't seem persuadable. I also told them that our confirmation as an
official chapter was now just a formality, but it's clearly the formality
they are interested in. (TBH if I were in their place I probably would have
made the same decision, since realistically if negotiations with WMF did
break down irredeemably we would end up between somewhere between
permanently tiny and dead.)


The good news on the other hand is that they said everything else in the
application was fine, and that as soon they get our official confirmation
they'll be able to open the account.


So I'm sorry about any part in this delay caused by my personal ineptitude.
Perhaps had I phrased things slightly differently on the application
form/business plan they would not have realised the importance of these
negotiations for us, but I hope you agree this is far from the end of the
world. We'll get the official confirmation from WMF in early January, which
puts the AGM in March at the latest, which is still within our self-imposed
6 month timeframe.


Your continued patience is much appreciated.




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