2008/12/9 Cormac Lawler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> But he did get to use the word "ham-fisted", which he'd been gagging to say
> on air all day, and at which his face made a discernible twinkle. :-)
> Cormac

The C4 interviewer REALLY WANTED the word "hamfisted" in there. Fine by me ;-)

The process was, we discussed what I had to say and how she'd like
that put in a soundbite (every word and every split-second counts), so
I said my piece six or seven times in different ways so they'd have
something usable in a broadcast. And the news is in fact plotted out
to the split-second, as of course that's the only way to get a whole
world of news into 30 or 60 minutes.

You know, I think I've become quite a fan of C4 News. The programme
was really good all the way through. As far as I could tell. They
certainly covered our bit well.

- d.

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