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> We did a great job on this IWF thing. I did well on radio and TV (if I
> say so myself) and the WMF spoke softly and pointed out a fascinating
> assortment of big sticks in the background, and the IWF blinked.
> *does victory dance on the skulls of the IWF*
> I'd like to say, though, I need more backup in the UK ... people who
> can go on telly at a few hours' notice, specifically.
> This is very little-needed - the last round of telly was Jan 2007 over
> the Microsoft OOXML thing - but when we need it, we *need* it. Missing
> Sky News was not good.
> Press, between Alison and I we coped OK. Radio, OKish. I missed doing
> BBC 5 Live. More reliable contacts there would be nice.
> But we need people in London who are confident they can represent
> Wikipedia/Wikimedia and talk in soundbites on telly at a few hours'
> notice. Anyone?

I would be happy to do radio stuff, but would need to be persuaded about
telly things.

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