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> It's now mainstream. IWF representative to be present. I look forward
> to dropping in the line "Wikipedia smells of hammers." ([[Brass Eye]])

Apparently the image is on the the deluxe boxed set sold everywhere,
 (It's on the back side, click the second image)

It would be super-fantastic if someone could confirm that you can just
walk into a record store in the UK and buy it. There are stores here
that have it, I'm tempted to go get a picture of myself holding... and
start a campaign of other folks doing that.

One fact that some of the media is getting wrong is the claim that the
cover is banned in 'some' places. I can't find any evidence of this.
Record dealers often call any cover which is changed or pulled
'banned', since it makes the records sound more valuable. The cover
was most certainly not banned in the US, although the label pulled it
amid controversy about the image.

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