Yeah I planned to investigate a few pieces of accounting software over the
break. Currently the "accounts" are just a sub-folder of my inbox (which is
perfectly manageable since there's not a lot too them at the moment).


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> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] Is there a meeting this evening?
> The page on meta says there is a meeting this evening, but there
> doesn't seem to be an agenda yet, is that meeting happening? If so,
> could I add something to the agenda? I'm curious as to how the
> accounts are currently being managed (I know no receipts or payments
> have been processed yet, but they will be soon so a system needs to be
> in place). Is the plan to just have a simple spreadsheet or is some
> proper accounting software being used? I suggest the board consider
> using proper software from the start since it will almost certainly be
> required once we get to a decent size and it will be easier to
> implement it now than transferring everything across at a later date.
> There are FOSS options available, although I don't know if anything
> are any good. Something which includes features for UK charities would
> be good, since you could get it to do all the complicated gift aid
> stuff (I'm assuming such software exists, there are plenty of
> charities that could use it).
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