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> <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_UK_v2.0/Board_meetings/2008-...>.
> There's nothing on there at the moment other than the standard items and
> matter arising from the last meeting.

Thanks for that.

With regard the Election Rules, I suggest these are formally adopted
either at this meeting or at the following one.

The current version (http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?
title=Wikimedia_UK_v2.0/Election_Rules&oldid=1317410) seem to have
broad support. In essense they say:
* 7 Board members
* elected under the Approval Voting method
* only those who get >50% are elected
* elections run by one or more Teller(s) who are appointed by the
Board and can't be candidates themselves
* voting can be either electronically to the Teller or in person by a
paper ballot at the AGM
* timescales set out for inviting candidates, nominations and election

The only remaining uncertain area is on the question - what do we do
when the electorate is opposed to most or all of the candidates. In
discussions on meta I've proposed three options:

(a) Elect the top 7 anyway (you could say like UK elections!)
(b) Only elect those that get more than 50%, except for the top
candidate who would be elected regardless and if he was the only
candidate elected their sole task post-election would be to organise a
new election
(c) Only elect those that get more than 50%, except for the top 3/5
candidates who would be elected regardless; post-election they would
have all the powers of any other Board.

Other than this is it ready to go to the Board for approval?

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