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Summary: You can now join Wiki UK Ltd, which hopes to become the  
official UK chapter of Wikimedia in January. The organisation is  
planning its first Annual General Meeting, where members can vote on  
who is on the board, and put forward and vote on resolutions. The  
organisation is already supporting activities such as a bid to hold  
Wikimania 2010 in Oxford and the exciting Wikipedia Loves Art project  
at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We also bring you news of the the  
recent Wikimeet in London.

In this month's newsletter:

    1. Chapter formation
    2. Membership
    3. AGM
    4. Wikimania 2010 - Oxford bid
    5. Wikipedia Loves Art
    6. London Wikimeet

Chapter formation

As mentioned in our November newsletter, the Chapters Committee has  
recommended we are approved as a chapter of Wikimedia, and we are  
expecting the Wikimedia Foundation to decide on this at their next  
meeting, on 9th–11th January. We hope to complete bank account  
opening shortly after we are approved. In the meantime, we are  
preparing for the rush of events which will happen immediately  
afterwards (see 
Timeline ), and we are also supporting activities ranging from the  
bid to hold Wikimania 2010 in Oxford to Wikipedia Loves Art.


As we announced in our last newsletter, we are now inviting  
membership applications: being a member gives you an official say in  
what the company does, allowing you to attend and vote at AGMs, put  
forward written resolutions, elect the new boards at the AGMs, and  
much more. You can download the application form here: http:// 
File:Wiki_UK_Ltd_membership_application_form.pdf .

We will start processing the applications received as soon as the  
bank account is set up. We should also be able to accept tax- 
refundable donations at that point, and claim back the tax from the  
donations already received with the permission of the donors.


As soon as the chapter status is approved and the bank account  
opened, the board will move to call the first AGM. This is currently  
pencilled in for the end of February, giving us enough time to give  
the statutory notice and to organise the elections. However, if there  
are any delays this may be pushed back. The draft of the agenda for  
the AGM (see )  
currently includes the election of the first permanent Board,  
discussing the priorities of the chapter and passing some formal  

Wikimania 2010 - Oxford bid

Wiki UK Limited is keen to bring Wikimania to the UK, and the 2010  
Oxford bid still seems like the best chance we will have for this in  
the next few years, since there is a common feeling that 2010 is  
Europe's year. Organising a conference on the scale of Wikimania is a  
lot of work, and we desperately need your help (see below for details  
of things you could do). A lot of progress was made on the bid over  
the summer, but since then the momentum has died down a little due to  
the other commitments of those who had been working on it. In the  
last few weeks, Seddon has once again begun work, obtaining the  
support of the local flickr group, and investigating a new source of  
sponsorship for us.

How you can help:

     * work on the bid page (expand existing sections, fill in place  
holders) - see
     * contact potential sponsors and partners on our behalf (see 
Oxford#Organisations_not_currently_being_investigated and the talk page)
     * show your support by signing up as a member of the local team:

Wikipedia Loves Art

The Victoria and Albert Museum, the world's largest museum of  
decorative arts and design with a collection of over 4.5 million  
objects, is joining in with a world-wide project in February 2009 to  
photograph major pieces of work and release the images under public  
licence: Wikipedia Loves Art. They have invited Wikipedians to get  
involved in collecting the images, putting them online and using them  
in Wikipedia articles. More information is available here: http:// . Please sign up to get involved  
and let us have your ideas!

London Wikimeet

Sunday 14th December saw the 16th London Wikipedia meetup ( http:// ). As the numbering  
suggests the meetups have been running for quite some time, with the  
first one in June 2004. The meetups currently take the form of a pub  
lunch at the Penderel's Oak in Holborn on the second Sunday of every  
month. Eight Wikipedians came along, falling within the stereotypical  
Wikipedia demographic (15-45, higher education, involvement in a non- 
manual job). Topics discussed included Wikimedia UK and its current  
status, the (now concluded) Arbitration Committee elections,  
(briefly) contract law and various other tidbits. The meetups are  
excellent fun and a good opportunity to meet other Wikipedia  
contributors and get to know them; several projects people have  
worked on have come about as a result of interactions with people at  
these meetups. The next one is due to be held on Sunday 11th January  
2009 at 13:00 (see 
London_17 ).

Wiki UK Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in  
England and Wales, Registered No. 6741827. The Registered Office is  
at 23 Cartwright Way, Nottingham, NG9 1RL, United Kingdom.

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