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>  Something that may be of interest to WMUK peopleā€¦
> http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Tony_Benn_discusses_politics_with_Wikinews
> If you want to suggest questions, stick them on the talk. It may be a good
> idea to listen to the previous interview which is a couple of clicks away
> from the related news section.
Tony Benn is perhaps the most difficult of old Labour to speak to. The whole
interview is a little fawning (I suspect a little soft-trot (
http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/ )) going on here. The interview is at
http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/File:Tony_Benn_Cleaned_Interview.ogg#file and
Tony Benn didn't discuss the the collapse of capitalism  and had high hopes
for Brown. The rest of the interview develops into soft-trot brown nosing -
Post- Master General, Concord and not a single mention of the devaluation of
the pound which Benn was party to.

Benn is no soothsayer, Brown sold off our gold reserves, universally banks
invested in loan stock that was far beyond its actual value. Loans stopped,
every high street is plagued with administrators signs and everyone has lost
face. I find it very difficult to understand that a soothsayer like Tony
Benn didn't spell out clearly that capitalism needs a bust and a job queue.

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