Dear all,

I am very happy to be able to confirm to you that the Wikimedia
Foundation's Board has passed its resolution of approval for Wikimedia
UK v2 (Wiki UK Limited), which at the same time revokes the
recognition of Wikimedia UK v1 (WER).

Copies of the resolution will be posted on in
the next days, in case you need something like a signed version of it
(for the bank?), you would need to get in touch with Patti Melton
(pmelton at wikimedia dot org) at the Foundation office.

My sincere congratulations and all the best -- if I can be of any
help, both now as ChapCom member and from October onwards as UK
resident, I'll be glad to.
I am very impressed by the amount of work that the board and all other
volunteers have already done by now and I'm sure that, with this final
roadblock removed, there is nothing to stop the chapter now!



Michael Bimmler

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