2009/1/15 Ian A. Holton <poe...@gmail.com>:
>> "Following complaints that its child-porn blacklist has led multiple
>> British ISPs to censor innocuous content on the Internet Archive's Wayback
>> Machine, the Internet Watch Foundation has confirmed the blacklist contains
>> images housed by the 85-billion-page web history database."
> ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/14/iwf_details_archive_blacklisting/
> )
> It's not only use being bad then :)

Note that apparently, some ISPs have now blocked (reportedly) access
to the entire Internet Archive. Talk about collateral damage...

I don't know whether the blame lies with the IWF (did they just add
*.archive.org to the filter?) or with the individual ISPs that did not
manage to filter out the specific pages supplied by the IWF -- but
either one is messing up things pretty badly here.

If you have friends in the PR business, you should send them a
heads-up, I think someone will recruit new PR staff soon ;-)

Michael Bimmler

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