2009/1/16 Chris Down <neuro.wikipe...@googlemail.com>:
> There was a thread about this at AN/I a little while ago - I believe Mr.
> Godwin contacted them and they said they had no involvement.
> Are you sure of this? I know the register says it, but shouldn't we double
> check?

About a week or two ago, someone on IRC flagged up a weird situation
where a number of specific URLs, if fed into web.archive.org, would
bring up the usual list of dates... but with every link on it going to
a really quite surreal link which said something along the lines of
"this has been blacklisted", hosted on one of the UK ISPs. This
affected some UK readers but not others.

The situation resolved itself within an hour or so, though, and the
behaviour stopped. I really should have taken screenshots, but it
didn't occur to me until afterwards...

So, yeah, weird archive.org stuff and the IWF seems plausible.

- Andrew Gray

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