After browsing around the 2010 wikimania pages at meta i noticed that an edit 
had been made to the gdansk bid page. I 
went to the web address linked to the email address posted on the page and 
stumbled accross a very complete looking
poland bid. The link is . If we are all 
serious about making 
a bid this year then we need to get our backsides into gear because we have 
some work to do. For the time being, working 
on the empty sections of the bid is a good start. A huge amount of work isnt 
needed from everyone, what needs to happen
is for everyone to give a little time to editting the page. Even the odd 
sentance to a section helps. 
We have probably the best opportunity to host wikimania now than we will for 
many years to come if it ends up going somewhere 
else in Europe. I think that its also a chance to get rid of the stigma held by 
the foundation and other chapters, that the UK 
did nothing but procrastinate. We can be finally be put on the map and stand 
shoulder to shoulder with other chapters and 
not be simply looked over. It can get the chapter known within the uk and not 
simply when there is drama on the english 
wikipedia. Let's get to work people :)
User:Seddon @ en-wiki
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