Thanks for the update.

> 3) To assist in gathering information for the bid i suggest using  
> content from the Travelwiki page on Oxford.
> Not everything on that page should be included in the bid, but alot  
> of it is useful. As far as i am aware the GFDL
> allows CCBYSA contribs but not vice versa. Hence why info from Knol  
> can be used on wikipedia but not the other
> way around. An attribution page will be created as well to ensure  
> compliance. If someone wishes to check that my
> understanding of this is correct i would appreciate it.

CC-BY-SA text cannot be used on GFDL pages; the two licenses are  
incompatible. That's part of the reason why the WMF is currently  
setting up a poll about switching Wikipedia et al. over to CC-BY-SA  
(see the countless messages about this on foundation-l).

The only exception to this is that CC-BY-SA images being used to  
illustrate the articles are fine, as they're essentially a separate  
work from the article (i.e. the article text is GFDL, not the  
necessarily the pictures illustrating it)


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