At 23:27 +0000 26/1/09, James Hardy wrote:
>2009/1/26 Gordon Joly <<>>
>Could go for something in <> (as well)?
>Nominet have strict rules on use of .<> domains, 
>and an algorithm for their generation
>The only two possibilities for Wiki UK Ltd are 
><> or 
><>; anything else fails their 
>tests. As the intention is to trade as Wikimedia UK that would 
>probably not be advisable as it could cause confusion amongst 
>potential donors.
>Additionally as the .<> second level is not as 
>widely used, public awareness of it is very low. Use of less popular 
>domains tends to cause problem with people "filling in the blanks". 
>Plenty of people complain to me that they get a bounce message when 
>emailling me, only for me to discover they have attempted to email 
>me at <> or 
><> or some 
>other mangled variation of my domain.

Thanks for that. And yes, the strict rules ensure that the company 
(and hence the charity later) would have a 100% watertight control 
over the domain.


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