2009/3/2 Andrew Turvey <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> Now that we have our bank account open, we are putting the finishing touches 
> to the agenda for the AGM. We have previous talked about inviting an 
> interesting speaker/s to pull the crowds, as it were, and inspire our 
> activities for the year ahead.
> What are you ideas for people you'd like to hear? Ideas previously discussed 
> include:
> - Prominent open source community people - Linux/Creative Commons?
> - Other people who have set up successful chapters - e.g. Germany, 
> Netherlands, Switzerland
> - People involved in Wikimedia things here - e.g. David on media relations or 
> Andrew on Wikipedia for Schools

How about someone affiliated with the Open Knowledge Foundation such
as Rufus Pollock? Would be interesting to hear about the wider open
knowledge movement in the UK.

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