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> 2009/3/4 Tom Holden <thomas.hol...@gmail.com>:
> > Just to remind you all that you have four hours to complete this if you
> > care. It currently looks like the AGM will be on Saturday the 25th.
> I'd interpret those results as being in favour of Sunday 26th. The
> three people that say they wouldn't like that date are me (who could
> make it if I had to), Andrew (who I'm guessing is in the same
> position, otherwise he would have probably spoken up before now - he
> can clarify that) and someone that can't make either day that weekend.
> Whereas the two people that voted against the Saturday are Seddon (who
> absolutely cannot make it on a Saturday) and the person that can't
> make either.

If you could make it, you should put yourself as OK for that date. There's
more votes in favour of Saturday right now, but if you voted for Sunday if
you could make it, that would make Sunday more reasonable.

Would it not be a good idea for board members' votes to take priority as
well, since there is more reason for them to attend?

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