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>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7921985.stm
>> A decent article, all told. One mistake (it's not just admins that
>> revert vandalism) and one misleading statement (the group of editors
>> that will flag revisions will be extremely large, which isn't made
>> clear). There is a comments form at the bottom, I will point out
>> these mistakes.
> On the former. The paragraph reads:
> "Obviously false, malicious or biased material like this is normally
> removed within minutes by other contributors or Wikipedia's team of
> volunteer administrators, who work round-the-clock to try and improve its
> credibility as a source of information and its commitment to balance and
> consensus."
> So it doesn't say just admins.

It did, they fixed it in response to my comment. (Within about 20 minutes.)

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