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> 2009/3/19 joseph seddon <life_is_bitter_sw...@hotmail.co.uk>:
> > http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2010/Bids/Oxford#Cost_of_living
> What sort of things are you needing for this? General "Oxford is in
> the SE of England, so is relatively expensive", etc, or...? Amsterdam
> has some standard prices; Gdansk doesn't seem to mention this.

Typically costs are given for general things. See some previous years bids for 
> Travel costs might be tricky - I mean, predicting air costs six months
> out is tough, much less eighteen. It should be possible to do
> something comparable to the Amsterdam & Gdansk bids, though - all
> three may be spurious numbers, but at least they're comparably
> spurious ;-)
For the time being, simply give estimated costs i suppose. Exact prices arnt 
much help due to reasons you give. 

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