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> One aspect which might be putting people off is the frequency and
> length of the Board meetings we've been having to date. The initial
> Board has met 23 times so far (nearly once per week on average) often
> for 3 hours or more. Whilst this is probably necessary when we're
> getting things sorted out, I'd like to suggest that the next board has
> shorter and less frequent meetings. I think meeting once per month for
> no more than 2 hours would be ideal, so that it's not too much of a
> burdon on Board members and we avoid burning our volunteers out. At
> the same time we can change the Board into more of an "oversight"
> role, and do more "organising" work outside.

My experience of starting up a voluntary organisation is that the
workload in getting it running is far, far greater than actually
running it. In the first year, our Committee (the executive) met eight
times, I think, with an average length of about 4 hours, and the
longest meeting running to over six hours. Since then, the Committee
has never had more than five full meetings in a year, and the longest
meeting has been three and a half hours.

The other thing, from observing some meetings on IRC, is that it seems
bloody difficult to chair - the chairman cannot easily shut up people
talking when they shouldn't, and it takes longer to conclude that
everything has been contributed on a topic and he can move on. I
understand that IRC meetings are necessary, but they're inherently

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