"Content liberation" is a really bad phrase to use -- we're not  
liberating it, we're working with institutions to make the content  
more widely available. I've rewritten the project outline to try to  
make this clearer... (will do more work on this when I'm more awake!)

Unless someone beats me too it, I'll rework the main page at some  
point - it really needs to look a lot better than it does now! As a  
result, it might be best to have a separate page for "keep in touch".

I'd also comment that anyone can come along to the AGM - they don't  
have to be a member - although if they want to participate properly  
then they obviously do need to be a member.


On 8 Apr 2009, at 23:48, AndrewRT wrote:

> I've put together a proposed tempate for sending round everyone who's
> previously expressed an interest in the chapter but hasn't joined up
> yet.
> It's at 
> WMUK#Join_up_template
> Please let me know if yu have any suggestions for improvements.
> Cheers
> Andrew
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