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Peter Coombe wrote:
> Is anyone planning on attending Wikimania 2009 in Buenos Aires? I will
> be if I can get a scholarship [1], and was also thinking someone
> should talk about WMUK. So I was planning to submit an "open space
> discussion" [2] about the chapter, which would be a chance to talk
> about some of the things we've done (or will have done by then) and
> discuss the chapter with the wider community. (The other formats -
> presentation and panel - seem overly formal and not as flexible,
> moreover I don't think I can prepare the application in time for their
> earlier deadline of the 15th!) The deadline for open space discussion
> submissions is the 30th April.
> So, is anyone planning to attend, and would they be interested in
> joining this endeavour? Or has anyone submitted a similar application
> that I don't know about?
> It would of course also be a great opportunity to learn more about
> Wikimania, in preparation for *fingers crossed* 2010
> Pete / the wub
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