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>On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 00:15, Michael Peel <> wrote:
>>  Third, we're not all about Wikipedia. We're about the Wikimedia
>>  Movement, or even more generally, the free culture movement. That
>>  incorporates a much wider range of projects, including Wikiversity
>>  whose aim is explicitly to educate people, and a load of other
>>  projects that do this to a lesser extent.
>IANAL, but this seems to be the key thing that we're stumbling on. If
>we press this aspect of the chapter's purpose, that it supports
>Wikimedia which is very obviously an educational charity, and that we
>support all our projects esp. Wikiversity and Wikibooks, then maybe
>their misapplication will dissapear. Focussing on Wikipedia whenever
>Wikimedia comes up is something people tend to do.
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Well, yes, since Wikimedia and Wikipedia differ by a single letter....


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